High Quality


Top and Bottom parts

Spare parts for filter cage includes top & bottom parts, venturis, connecting parts, ect

Connect Parts

Dust bag cage connect components. There are rotation type connector and clamp type

Different types Of Venturis

MSKPARTS designed and OEM different dimensions and materials of Venturis for fit and optimizing the dust collecting system. We have hundreds of molds for different dimensions of cage parts to fullfill the requriements for different customers. There are most economical and efficiency solutions for different requirements for customers.

Wire Coils For Making Cages

MSKPARTS provides different high quality specialized steel wire coils for making dust filter cages. We have carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 361L that specialized for making steel wire bag cages. MSKPARTS provides one-stop service for making bag cages includes wires, accessories and machinery.

Filter Cage Making Machine

MSKPARTS supply Filter Cage welding machine line for making dust bag cages. Cage welders with high automation and make high quality bag cages. Especially have bad welding alarm, automatic pulling systems. Wire cages from 8 vertical wires to 24 wires. Who is able to direclty work with mild steel, galvanzied steel and stainless steel.

About Mskparts

As professional filter cage components manufacturer, wire coils and bag cage making machine suppliers.

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