About us

High Quality Cage & Bag Parts Producer

Filter Metal Parts Producer

MSKPARTS Producing different types and materials of metal parts from raw mateirals for filter bag cages.

We offer you economical and efficiency solutions and design different products which would fullfill your requirements.

There are hundreds of molds for different filter parts. Our products have been supplied to many countries of the world who producing cages and bags.

Customers' benefits if buy from us:

  • Products with good quality
  • Get products with a good price
  • Get professional advises or solutions for new projects
  • Service of designing and customizing for orders big or small
  • A one-stop service and solution for making filter cages from steel wires, metal accessories to equipment
  • A 7/24 hours supporting by our team

Wire Colis Specialized For Bag Cages

  • Steel wires from Chinese best steel makers gurrantees best quality.
  • Wires with specific features that specialzied for making cages.
  • We offer Carbon steel wires, galvanzied steel wires and SS wires.
  • MSKPARTS offer good quality steel wires with best prices.
  • High quality stainless steel wires 304, 304L, 316, 316L for different bad working conditions.
  • Good packing for wires protected the surface of galvanized wires well.
  • Wires diameter from 3.0mm to 5.0mm for filter bag cage making.

Let us know what wires will be requried?

Filter Cage Welding Machine

Filter bag cage making line solutions will be offered base on your requirements of demand quantity, factory space, voltage, dimensions of bag cages and other specific details.

We will help our customers tailor-made solutions based on their specific needs.

Through our unique technology and specialised expertise, we guarantee optimal process quality, safety, a consistent high-quality product and compliance with regulatory standards.

Our solutions are efficient, environment friendly and offer our customers good value for money.

Our filter cage machine line incldues:

  • Filter cage body welding machine
  • Wire straightening and cutting machine
  • Automatic wire ring making machine
  • Top collar welding machine
  • Bottom cap welding machine
  • Venturi welding machine
  • Bending and Multi-bend welding machine
  • Other specialized or customized machinery for cage making